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Basic Command Line

This article is intended to help you get started with UNIX "basic command line" and get you familiar with the term. There are many different versions of UNIX and they share common similarities, the most known versions out there is Sun Solaris, FreeBSD, GNU/Linux, and MacOS X.

Installing Composer

Composer is a tool used for dependency management in PHP. You are probably familiar with Pear, the PHP extension and application repository. Composer is not a package management, composer deals with packages and libraries however it does based on per-project basis. That means if your project has dependencies, that’s where Composer come in handy, by default Composer does not install anything globally.

Understand loops

In every programming language you will eventually have to deal with loops, understanding how they work behind the scene can be really helpful, specially when dealing with large and complex applications, obviously performance is a key factor in large applications and this article will introduce you to the concept of loops and will cover all the basics.